Acrylic-urethane aliphatic varnish for the protection of Microcement Ó Deco. Excellent transparency upon application and once dry. Suitable for walls and decorative furniture.

8 - 12 m²/L
Drying time
30-60 min



Ideal for varnishing Microcement Ó Deco in less demanding applications.

Applied over Microcement Sealer.

How to apply?



Air mix gun




  • Environmental conditions:
    • It is advisable, especially indoors, to have air circulation.
    • Room temperature: 5-35 ºC
    • Relative humidity (RH) ≤ 75%.
    • Substrate temperature: ≥ 7ºC and 3ºC above the dew point.
  • Mixing preparation:
    • Through manual or slow mechanical agitation, homogenize MICROCEMENT PROTECTOR DECO.
    • Add the amount of water based on the application method and the surface to be varnished.
    • Control the speed to prevent the mixture from acquiring excess air.
  • Dilution:
    • For walls and roller application, a maximum of 10% water. If sprayed, an additional 5% can be added.
    • For floors and roller application, it is possible to increase dilution by an additional 5%. If sprayed, an additional 5% can be added.
    • Distilled water in all cases.
  • Application conditions:
    • Wait at least 4 hours, and no more than 24 hours, after applying the last coat of MICROCEMENT SEALER before starting to varnish with MICROCEMENT PROTECTOR DECO.
    • The recommended thickness per layer is between 40-50 microns dry.
    • In all applications, ensure that no more than 110 g/m2 of product is left.
    • 2 coats. For greater resistance, a third coat can be applied.
  • Final use:
    • The varnished surface reaches its maximum physical strength after 21 days (at a temperature of 20 ºC).
    • The Microcement Ó Deco system is not recommended for liquid containment supports such as pools, tanks, or bathtubs.
    • The Microcement Ó Deco system finished with MICROCEMENT PROTECTOR DECO (1K) is suitable for less demanding uses on vertical surfaces such as walls, furniture, etc.
    • For use in humid environments and/or demanding horizontal surfaces, use MICROCEMENT PROTECTOR (2K).

New Substrate:

Microcement Ó Deco:

  1. Apply on dry MICROCEMENT SEALER.
  2. Verify that the appearance of the surface is as desired.
  3. Ensure that the support surface is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants.
  4. Apply two coats of MICROCEMENT PROTECTOR DECO, respecting drying times.

Restoration and Maintenance:

Microcement Ó Deco with aged coatings:

  1. Remove old coatings by sanding.
  2. Sand the surface of MICROCEMENT Ó Deco with medium-grit sandpaper (to provide anchoring).
  3. Remove generated dust appropriately.
  4. Apply a new coat of MICROCEMENT Ó Deco.
  5. Act as a new substrate.


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