MONTÓ commitment to sustainability

At Pinturas MONTÓ we set ourselves the objective, some time ago, of carrying out a deep reflection on the realistic, concrete and reliable proposals that we could offer to satisfy the new demands by the population and institutions on topics such as ecology, the environment, energy saving, health, economy and new consumption habits. 

With this in mind, And because we are aware that our activity may involve environmental risks, we integrate sustainable development criteria into all our decisions and business processes, and we can confidently state that all the companies that make up the MONTÓ Group undertake to respect the environment as one of the dimensions of their corporate responsibility, providing the reference framework for establishing environmental objectives. This respect translates into environmentally-friendly processes and activities, efficiency in the use of natural resources, minimisation of waste generation and development of products with a lower impact on the environment.

Why build sustainably? 

Normal construction consumes a significant amount of natural resources and contributes to environmental pollution, which is why at Pinturas
MONTÓ we try to promote a more sustainable way of building and living. We do this by conserving and reusing resources and favouring the circular economy.

Sustainable construction is characterised by:
•Being respectful of the environment and adapted to its conditions.
Saving resources by using materials that have little environmental or social impact throughout their life cycles.
Saving energy consumption through the implementation of bio-construction strategies, as well as the use of renewable energies and energy
Ensuring the well-being of those using the resulting structure, making it safe and comfortable for them.

¿Qué es GEA?

Awareness of the need to promote a respectful and committed environmental attitude has led us to develop the GEA range of sustainable products, products committed to the environment, which have been tested throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing, transport, installation, use and end of useful life and have obtained certifications at a European and global level that guarantee that both their manufacturing process and their distribution and use are carried out through optimized processes aimed at reducing energy consumption and polluting processes.

What certificates do we have?

Los objetivos de todas las certificaciones que presentamos a continuación son siempre enfocados a promover estrategias que induzcan a la mejora global en el impacto medioambiental de la industria de la construcción.

Do you want to receive the Gêa Dossier?

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