Bicomponent Matte varnish. Water-based aliphatic polyurethane product. Developed as a MICROCEMENTO MONTÓ protective and decorative varnish. Suitable for floors and walls.
10 - 11 m²/Kg
Drying time
1 hour


  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Ideal for varnishing our MONTÓ MICROCEMENTO, on floors and walls.

How to apply?

  • Aerographic gun
  • Brush, Roller


- Add part CB (catalyst) to part CA (BARNIZ MICROCEMENTO) and mechanically stir the mix until even.
- Mixing CA + CB produces a cream. By adding water, the viscosity is perfectly adapted. - Dilute with water according to the chosen application method.
- Once the MICROCEMENTO MONTÓ surface preparation has been completed as specified above, we should paint a base layer with BARNIZ MICROCEMENTO BRILLO.
- Respect repainting times between coats and products.
- Do not apply at high temperatures or on surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.
- Application conditions: - Room temperature: 5-35ºC – RH ≤ 75%. - Substrate temperature: ≥ 7ºC and 3ºC above dew point.
- Respect MICROCEMENTO MONTÓ setting times. It is recommended to wait for 48 hours.
- Substrate humidity must be less than 4 %.
- Proper ventilation is recommended, especially indoors.
- It is possible to tread on the varnished surface carefully after 24 hours (at a temperature of 20 ºC) and it acquires maximum physical resistance after eight days (at a temperature of 20 ºC).
- The recommended thickness for each coat would be 30-40 dry microns. - Physical-chemical data corresponding to the CA + CB mix: - Solids by volume: 45.
5 ± 3%. - Solids by weight: 48 ± 3%. - Specific gravity: 1.
06 ± 0.
05 kg/l. - VOC of the mix: 115 g/l - The above physical-chemical data relate to the CA + CB mix. And the data which appear in the TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS section only refer to part CA.
Soporte Nuevo:
1. Remove large irregularities (burrs) by brushing or sanding with heavy grit sandpaper. 2. Condition with medium grain sandpaper (150-220).
3. Remove the dust generated by blowing with pressurised air. 4. Properly vacuum using a soft brush to help. 5. Check that the surface has the desired look.
6. Check that the base surface is clean, dry and free from any type of contaminant. 7. Application of BARNIZ MICROCEMENTO according to the process recommended as follows. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
1. Completely remove the old coating by sanding.
2. Sand the MICROCEMENTO MONTÓ surface with medium grain sandpaper (to provide adhesion).
3. Properly remove the dust produced.
4. Apply a new layer of MICROCEMENTO MONTÓ.
5. Proceed as with a new base.


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