Floors and Walls: are cementitious mortar for floors and walls respectively. they are part of the MicroCement system product suite. Its function is to obtain a decorative finish.
1,8 - 2,2 m²/Kg


  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • MicroCement Base
  • Usual work surfaces with good flatness: plaster, cement, plaster, fiber cement, plasterboard, old paintings in good condition, etc. Conveniently primed according to their absorption.
  • Environmental use: Only specialized staff

How to apply?

  • Stainless trowel


The product itself is white.Available in the SSTT in the 39 colors of the Microcement ODeco chart
- Environmental conditions: - It is recommended, especially indoors, that there be air renewal. - Ambient temperature: 5-35 ºC - RH ≤ 75%. - This range must be maintained during the first 72 hours. - Substrate temperature ≥ 8ºC and 3ºC above the dew point. Essential to avoid condensation. - Variations in ambient temperature during the application process also alter the setting and drying times of the material. Below 20ºC, the drying time increases.
- Preparation of the mixture: - In the empty bucket that is included in the pack, pour the MICROCEMENT RESIN with color and previously shaken. The proportion is 12 Kg Part A (Powder) + 5 Kg Part B (Resin with color). - Sprinkle little by little and beat by mechanical stirring until obtaining a homogeneous paste free of lumps.
-Application conditions: - Apply with a steel trowel with rounded edges, in thin layers, 2 to 3 layers depending on the application, leaving 2 to 3 hours between coats, until the desired decorative effect is achieved. - Consumption calculated on MICROCEMENT BASE: - Per coat: 0.
5 Kg / m2 (approx 0.
2 mm thick). (12 A + 5 B for 20 m2) - Total: 1-1.
5 Kg / m2 (0.
8 - 1 mm thick). (12A + 5 B for 6 - 12 m2) - Maximum thickness of the entire BASE + WALLS system (1 to 3 mm)- End use: - After 24 hours, sand the entire surface well, with a fine sandpaper with a grain greater than 220. - We perfectly clean the dust generated, vacuuming. - Optimal mechanical properties are reached after 28 days. - The MICROCEMENT ODeco system is not recommended for liquid containment supports, such as swimming pools, tanks or bathtubs.
Soporte Nuevo:
On MicroCement Base:
- Sand with 120/180 clean and remove dust well, preferably by vacuuming.
On construction supports with good planimetry:
- Use the appropriate MICROCEMENT PRIMER ABS Ó N-ABS in each case.
- Follow instructions for preparing the support in its technical sheets. Restauracion y Mantenimineto:
- Sand with 220 or higher, removing dust well, preferably by vacuuming.
- Proceed as in NEW SUPPORTS.


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I´m interested in this product

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