Pinturas MONTÓ introduces the new range of sprays for all types of substrates

22 marzo 2022

Pinturas MONTÓ is launching a new range of spray products for all types of substrates, which will become a favourite for all painting professionals, especially when they need to do little touch-ups or quick jobs in a simple and effective way. 

This is a highly versatile range of products, because they enable the user to work with a wide variety of finishes and colours, specific primers and multiple functionalities.

Discover the new spray products from Pinturas MONTÓ 

MontoSpray Acrilico 

This acrylic enamel can be used to decorate and protect all types of surfaces: wood, metal, paper, cardboard, concrete, natural stone, glass and even hard plastics.

It is a high-quality product and, once dry, it guarantees high resistance to scratches, impacts, UV rays, weathering and dirt.

It is available in a wide range of colours with the RAL chart and three types of finishes: gloss, matt and satin.

We also have other types of finishes for more specific and special jobs:

MontoSpray Fluorescente 

With MontoSpray Fluorescente you can achieve a very bright fluorescent effect, in orange and yellow shades.

To increase the luminescent effect, we recommend applying the MONTÓ spray Primer Universal blanca first, and also the MONTÓ Spray Barniz to maintain the luminosity longer.

MontoSpray Metalizado 

If what you need is a gold metallic or silver metallic effect, this is the product for you. It is also water and wash resistant.

Bear in mind that, when applying on absorbent surfaces, you should first prime it with Montospray Primer Universal.

MontoSpray Cromado

Finally, this product is also available in a chrome or polished metal effect, characterised by its high gloss finish.

In addition, to ensure greater adhesion, durability and performance with the above products, at Pinturas MONTÓ we also offer a wide variety of specific primers for each substrate:

MontoSpray Primer Plásticos 

A clear primer for hard plastics, which improves adhesion and allows repainting with acrylic or synthetic sprays, such as MontoSpray Acrilico. It is suitable for plastics in general: Polyurethane (PUR), Polystyrene (PS), Polyamide (PA), PVC, etc.

MontoSpray Primer Zink 

This is a grey, zinc-based, anti-rust acrylic primer with a galvanised effect; ideal for repairs and touch-ups, flaws, protection of welding, etc.

MontoSpray Primer Universal

This is a universal primer product in a matt white shade, suitable for a multitude of substrates, whether wood, metal, cardboard, ceramics, etc. It is characterised by its high coverage, allows repainting and adheres better to the acrylic enamels from the MontoSpray range, reducing unnecessary product consumption and improving the finish.

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Want to know more about these products? Don't hesitate to contact us to resolve any queries and discover all the functionalities and advantages offered by these spray products.