Reduce the temperature of façades in summer with the Fachadas Frías technology 

09 marzo 2022

During the summer months, especially when weather conditions reach their peak, façades and indoor spaces are affected by the increase in temperature. This causes home energy costs to rise due to the use of air conditioning, while also decreasing the quality of life of the people who live there.

At Pinturas MONTÓ we are experts in the refurbishment and renovation of façades and we have an extensive range of coatings forfaçades with a wide variety of colours,which guarantee maximum adherence, durability and resistance to weather conditions and weathering. 

But that's not all. 

How to reduce the temperature of buildings in summer 

To address this increase in summer temperatures and encourage energy savings and sustainability in buildings, we have developed the innovative "FachadasFrías technology",a collection of colours containing a cold pigment that enables the façade to retain less of the external heat. 

All colours on the Pinturas MONTÓ façadecharts (COF and Eterna) have their own TSR value (Total Solar Reflectance), which represents the reflectance of each colour to the full solar spectrum. 

Normally, colours derived from white, orlight colours in general, tend to have a higher TSR value, so they reflect more light. As such, they improve the thermal comfort of the building interior and reduce its energy consumption. 

On the other hand, darker colours havelower TSR values and absorb more heat. 

Thanks to the implementation of the"Fachadas Frías technology" in façade coatings, Pinturas MONTÓ is able to offer the darkest and most intense shades with TSR values higher than those obtained with traditional façade coatings and colours, managing to reduce surface temperatures by up to 15ºC. 

As such, terraces and façade walls can be painted with traditional darker shades, achieving indoor temperature reductions of 4ºC to 15ºC in the summer months, depending on the orientation, location,etc. 

Advantages and characteristics of Fachadas Frías technology

The main advantage of the Fachadas Frías technology is that it enables households to achieve great savings on their electricity bills due to the lower consumption of air conditioners, in addition to improving their quality of life. But it also guarantees greater durability of the coating, since it reduces colour degradation and improves the colour's resistance to the elements. 

Fachadas Frías technology is available in 57 colours from the COF and Eterna colour charts for façade coatings.

We have conducted various tests to verify the effectiveness of the technology, analysing data from the HBU or Solar Heat Gain Test, which measures heat accumulation in building products in accordance with ASTM 4803-97.

The following table shows the difference in temperature and TSR for three different shades of the Ovaldine Fachadas product:

reducir temperatura fachadas

Fachadas Frías technology is available for application in façade coatings as of March 1. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.