Ovaldine +, to add an extra level of perfection to your projects

02 febrero 2022

When a decorative painting professional takes on a new project, they are always looking to achieve the best possible finish, and this involves more than just ensuring that the paint looks perfect when the job is freshly done. 

Sometimes it is difficult to keep it thisway, because daily activities in workplaces, shops and the home can lead toscuffing, stains or splashes.

And even if the paint is fresh, thosestains can spoil even the very best result.

At Pinturas MONTÓ we make the concernsand objectives of professionals our own and create solutions to make eachproject a success.

And the new Ovaldine+ is a good exampleof this.

Because, in addition to its premiumquality, Ovaldine+ also offers powerfulstain resistance and easy cleaning, ensuring that thepaint will remain in perfect condition for much longer.

Ovaldine+, the latest generation in paint

Due to its durability and resistance, Ovaldine + is the matt paintyou should use to obtain the best results in your projects.

Its silky texture makes it very easy and quick to apply. Andthanks to its built-in TIXOLESS technology, it does not cause splashing.

With Ovaldine +, not only can you offer thebest finish for longer, but its flame retardant properties, certified by theA2S1d0 certification from the Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico (AIMME), makeit one of the safest paints on the market.


Suitable for use both indoors andoutdoors, with Ovaldine+ there is no risk of yellowing and the paint is not only washable, but it alsomaintains its texture, quality and colour after washing.

Ovaldine+ complies with the UNE EN71-3toy safety standard, which guarantees that it does not contain products thatare harmful to the health of children, and it has an A+ rating, issued by theWessling Laboratory, which certifies that it is emission-free.

And how about the colour... are youlooking for a particular colour? Well, with Ovaldine+ you’ll find it.

Because not only does it have its ownwide range of colours, butit also has associated colour charts.

If you still can't find the colour youneed, with our Montomix tintometric system you can customise the shade tocreate the exact colour you're looking for.

All this, together with its durabilityand total resistance to stains and scratches, make Ovaldine+ the perfect paintfor the most demanding professionals who want to offer their customers theguarantee of a perfect finish.